Lease Great Used Cars
Have you considered a used car lease? At Napleton's Aston Martin of Chicago, we have the used car you've been looking for even if your credit history is less than you'd like! Your credit score impacts your life in many ways. Many finance institutions look at your credit history when considering if and how to extend credit to you. When leasing a car with Napleton's Aston Martin of Chicago, customers get a great opportunity! It's always a good idea to start your lease with an affordable payment that you can comfortably pay consistently and on-time. Take control of your own budget! Stay on top of your car payments! Get started today!

Should I lease or buy an Aston Martin? Read about some of the benefits of leasing versus buying a car.
For example:

  • Often lower monthly payments and less sales tax.
  • Often higher payments and higher sales tax.
  • Get a new vehicle every few years with a payment that is typically less.
  • The average retail loan term is over 5 years, increasing the likelihood of negative equity.
  • Shorter term leases result in a reduced concern of mechanical breakdown and repair costs.
  • Longer loan terms increase the risk of mechanical breakdown and additional upkeep costs.
  • Leasing a vehicle may allow for a better way of handling negative equity.
  •  When buying, retail loans often result in customers being thousands of dollars "upside down" and vehicles depreciate quickly.